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The Privacy policy of the internet system under the URL

This policy determines the type of information collected by this website through this service and what kind of steps are taken to ensure information safety for our customers. If you disagree to the below privacy policy, you should not use or its services.

General Information:

We indicate that in order to make it possible to use certain functions available on the website and prepare a list of products for order, it is necessary to provide information which enable identification, such as: e-mail address, name and surname, telephone number (“personal data”) on some of the service levels. For this reason, it is necessary to agree to the usage and processing of personal data on terms and conditions specified in this privacy policy.

Gathering and using personal data and other user information:

The provided personal data and other information are protected by applicable laws and regulations related to personal data protection. Personal data are saved and processed by the internet page and used to realize orders in our shop. In the case of user registration, the data are stored only for the purpose of buying further products in our shop, to which we encourage you heartily.

It is possible to sign up to the Newsletter. If you agree to use your personal data in order to receive marketing information from us, this information is collected and will be stored. This information enables us to comply with your request related to receiving marketing information. The information will be stored in the possibly safest way and in the properly protected place as long as the internet page will be using it to contact you. Removing or correcting the data in our register will be possible at any time and under no additional conditions. Removing part or all the data from our register as well as their modification is possible by a direct application in writing or online using the contact data of the shop.

The internet page collects anonymous information which do not apply to particular persons and are connected with using the service. This information is collected altogether and are only used for internal purposes to improve the quality of our services as well as make using the website easier for you. The internet page does not collect personal data of children under 18 consciously and the website is not directed at them. We recommend the parents and guardians to be interested in the internet activity of the children.


Transferring of the personal data:

The internet page will not transfer personal data provided on the website to third parties with exception in the following situations:
  • with your consent,
  • in case it is necessary under applicable law or order of proper authorities,
  • in order to protect rights or property of the internet page,
  • in order to ensure personal safety to the website users.
The internet page administrator reserves the right to contact authorities in case activities which can be illegal in the light of applicable laws are spotted.



The internet page may use the technology of “cookies”. Cookies are small text files including information stored on your computer after you visit the internet page. They are used to introduce additional functionalities and help us analyze movements on the webpage. There are two types of cookies: the first one is used to “save” such information like user name and password, which are stored on your computer as long as you stay logged in in the subscription service. If you are not using the function “Don't ask me about my username and password in the future”, this type of cookies will not be stored on your computer.

The second type of cookies are session cookies. During your visit on the internet page they are temporarily stored in your computer memory. The session cookies do not remain in the memory of your computer and usually disappear when you close your browser.

If you do not wish to accept all the cookies used by the internet page, most of the browsers make it possible to configure settings which will enable rejecting them. However, this may limit the functionality of the internet page.



The internet page is obliged to undertake all the necessary measures to ensure the collected personal data are precise, complete and up to date. However, you are obliged to provide precise, complete and up to date personal data the moment you enter them. In case you notice that your personal data collected by the shop are not precise, complete and up to date upon your request we will undertake measures to make them such.



The internet page ensures it will pay special attention to all the questions related to safeguarding your personal data and limit unauthorized access by using best possible technologies and internal procedures.


Other internet pages:

The internet page may contain links to third party internet pages. The internet page is not accountable for the content and privacy policy on the internet pages of third parties to which links can be found on the webpage. These internet pages may place their own cookies on your computer or use other methods of collecting and processing personal data. Before using third party internet pages, we encourage you to get to know their privacy policy.

Last update: 19.08.2016

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