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Aiming to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, we make panels to measure and in any shape, thanks to which there is a possibility of covering of the surface totally. Our company is fully flexible as regards providing non-standard upholstered panels.

In case you are interested in panels made to measure, we kindly ask you to prepare and send us the following:

Wymiaru powierzchni
1. The dimensions of the surface
2. Selected shape and its determined approximate size
Wybór tkaniny
3. Selected fabric and colour variant.

*In the case of ready designs, it is sufficient to send us the technical drawing with designer’s dimensions. It is important to remember to provide us with the exact dimensions of the complete plastered surfaces.

After sending the above information you will receive individual pricing from us. After the costs are accepted, we will make a conceptual drawing.


In the presented case, a surface of 246cm x 173.5cm has been covered with DIAMOND panels. The panels have been designed in non-standard size so that they would ideally integrate into the provided dimensions.

In similar cases, it is sufficient for us to be provided with two dimensions from our customer (height and width) as well as the shape to cover the surface in question.

Upholstered fixed seats
In cases furniture recess is covered with panels, e.g., seat, we need the following:

Wymiary wnęki
1. Exact dimensions of the recess (width, height, depth)
Płaszczyzny uzupełniane panelami
2. Surfaces covered with panels
The kind of surfaces to be covered with panels (seat, backrest, left side, right side, top).
Wybór tkaniny
3. Selection of the fabric and its colour variant

After the above-mentioned information is sent to us, you will receive individual pricing. After the costs are accepted, we will make a conceptual drawing. Indents are made in the panels, thanks to which the recess is ideally filled with panels, and they fit perfectly at angles. Our solution ensures the lack of empty spaces and holes between the joined elements. We provide a dedicated manual of mounting for each project and the panels are marked, thanks to which mounting is very simple.


A recess in fixed joinery is a perfect place to be covered with our panels. Thanks to this solution, a practical seat is created, which can serve many purposes in everyday use and relaxation. In the presented example, we measured the height, width and depth and we planned the shapes to measure.

As regards the making of the panels to fill the recess, we kindly ask you to provide us with the dimensions of the ready fixed joinery and we will take care of the rest.

Holes for sockets, switches and sconces

We make dedicated holes in which any sockets, switches or sconces can be mounted. The mounted frames harmonize ideally with the surface of the panels, thanks to which they make an ideal and esthetic finishing. The materials of which the holes are made are perfect electrical insulators, which ensures security in usage.

To plan the holes in panels, we need to be provided with the position of the central point of the hole from the floor as well as left or right side (see the outline below). In the case of electric sockets, we also need to be provided with the number of points in the given row. To be able to make the mounting whole for a sconce correctly it is best to send us the specification of the lamp, together with a drawing or a picture of the mounting element.