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learn about unique properties of
dappi wall panels

hygenic certificate

Our products have PZH hygienic certificate, which proves the highest quality and the lack of negative impact on health and the environment.

Dappi panels insulate rooms from sound

ventilated undercoat

Thanks to special wholes, our panels “breathe”, they do not constitute a tight barrier between plaster or other surface and the mounting element which eliminates the risk of mould or mildew in the place where panels are mounted.

easy to clean

A wet wiper is enough to clean a dirty panel.

Mounting the panels makes it possible to avoid long renovation, which creates a lot of dust, mess as well as demands financial and technical preparations. Our panels can be mounted to each surface without the prior preparation of the wall. We save time and money.

Dappi panels make the wall soft, innovative, unique, you can lean against it and protect children against scratches or bruises caused by a fall.

Super fast mounting

More undermounting accessories.

they create a smart and unique character of the interior

dappi is a company
with a wide range of